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Welcome to Haraldshaugen Camping, we hope you have a great experience and nice accommodation with us.

Please read all information on this page.

Wifi: No1Camping, password: camping1

Upon arrival, the gate will open automatically if the correct lisenceplate of the vehicle was provided when making the reservetion. If the gate does not open automatically, the PIN code you received in the email can also be used. This also applies on the gate for exiting. 

The PIN code is also used for access to the service buildings for showers and toilets.


Upon arrival, find a free space on a solid surface. Do not drive on the gras (area B), it might be soft and wet. 


Caravans follow the signs to area C.

Motorhomes can choose space in areas A, C and D.

Area B cannot be selected or used by anyone without an agreement with the reception.

Remember that between all units it must be at least 4 meters. This is the fire regulations by law for all of Norway.


Follow the parking instructions as shown on the signs. Area D is a quiet area.

Electricity is activated via PowerPay app.


More information about the PowerPay app you can read about here.

If the reception is maned, you are most welcome in for a pleasant chat.

Wifi: No1Camping, password: camping1


Drinking water is available at the reception, emptying station for toilets outside in the yellow basin in area C, or you can also use our fantastic CamperClean machine . For emptying waste water, this can be done in all green basins.


If you need assistance or have any questions, call us on +4752728077 and dial 1 for our emergency service.


The booking system only allows 1 vehicle inside the area at a time per reservation. Extra vehicles must be parked in the car park at Haraldsstøtten. If you want access for extra vehicles, this must be agreed and registered at the reception in advance within opening hours.

Check-out time is no later than 12:00. (Out of season: 16:00 for motorhomes) Keep in mind that after that time, the gate and accsess to the service building will not work.


Last but not least, remember that it has to be quiet at 23:00, show consideration for each other. 


Wifi: No 1 Camping, Password: camping1

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